Local Business & No-Kill Animal Rescue Organizations Help 4-Legged Victims Of Wildfires

As the battling of the wildfires in both the Yarnell and Kingman Arizona areas rages on (one is at 90% containment in Yarnell and the one in Kingman is slightly contained), the local media’s coverage of the tragedies never ceases to amaze me. On every newscast and of course in every other post on social media they talk about the 19 firefighters who died and how people can donate to help the two-legged victims of the fires.

However, one thing they seem to forget is that there 4-legged victims of the fires as well and that there are no-kill animal rescue groups rushing to help them. Organizations like Empty Bowl Pet Food Pantry, AZ Happy Tails Rescue and other groups have already launched efforts to help the animal victims. They need both food and monetary donations to help the 4-legged victims. This isn’t being reported by the local media, which is a real shame since it needs to be mentioned. Imagine what kind of support they would receive if people knew about their efforts right?

Besides, the two groups mentioned one business is also helping the animal rescue cause as well. Panther TEK, has offered to donate 10% from every computer service call they go on to Empty Bowl so they have the resources they need to help the 4-legged victims of the tragedies. It isn’t surprising since the owner of the company also volunteers for a local no-kill cat rescue group. This is also not being reported by the media which has instead chosen to give air time and text space to businesses that are raising funds for the 100 Club and the Red Cross to help the humans instead. Apparently, the media is biased when it comes to these stories because they’re missing a big one here.

Yes, when tragedy strikes, there appears to be a humans first mentality with the mainstream media, but here at Cat Galaxy the cats come first.  When it comes to tragedies like this, we will mention the efforts to help the 4-legged creatures. For us, reporting the news that affects cats comes first. And no doubt, cats and other animals have been displaced by the fires. There is a big story going on and the media is missing it. The question is, are they afraid to mention the massive no-kill animal efforts going on right now in regards to the fires and that they need help? Have they become so biased in their reporting that animal stories will continued to get shoved to the background in favor of things like the 100 Club? I realize that the media think it’s popular to report negative stuff because they think it sells news, but positive does sell equally.

It’s sad that tragedies like the wildfires have happened, but the even more tragic thing is the media thinking that only one cause matters in their coverage, and that’s the one that affects humans.  Almost every story since the 19 firefighters were killed is about fundraisers for the 100 Club and how you can help the human victims.  The local media has filled our screens with it and it’s sad to say, the no-kill animal rescue groups get hurt by it because nobody hears about their efforts. Can you imagine how greater the support from the public would be if the media did more stories about businesses and individuals helping the animal victims of the fires? Yes, they would see just how much people love animals and see them as family. They would see that there would be an outpouring of support from the public wanting to help. Instead, the media sells the humans must come first mentality and animal stories are only cool once in a while. And when they do decide to do them, dogs seem to get more airtime than cats. Sorry but that won’t happen here.

Overall, I think the media is afraid to jump into being balanced with their reporting. The no-kill animal rescue efforts going on in the face of tragedy has been amazing. It’s positive on a big scale but I’m not sure that the media in general wants to let people know about it. The question is why? Is it too positive? Is it because they don’t care? Or is it because fear and negative is now the only thing they want to know about? Whatever the reason, it’s pretty sad. One thing is for sure, we here at Cat Galaxy are willing to dare to be different. We know positive sells and is popular. Since the mainstream media seems content on Yin, then I guess we’ll just have to stay more yang. After all, someone has to dare to be different in the media, right?


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