McCain Faces The Great Marshmallow Protest In Phoenix

Today, Senator John McCain held a town hall in Phoenix trying to convince voters that striking Syria is the right thing to do. It was at times a very heated event where a few agreed with McCain and Obama’s pitch to attack Syria but a majority of the room were very much against it. Yes, McCain had indeed entered a hornets nest and at times didn’t know how to respond the people that were against a war with Syria, but instead kept repeating why we needed to back Obama’s plan.

This town hall made news but it wasn’t protesters with signs (there a few) that made the biggest impact in the room. It was a bag of marshmallows. Phoenix resident Nohl Rosen lead what is being called as The Great Marshmallow Protest and he addressed McCain and Congress’ lack of standing up to Obama every time he wants to spend our money or to say NO to his attack on Syria. In fact Rosen made it very clear that this country needs to stand up for Israel and help protect the only ally we have in the Middle East. Yes, if the United States attacks Syria, then the one the Syrians will strike at first will be, you guessed it, Israel. I guess it never occurred to McCain and the rest of Congress that the so-called rebels they want to aid are terrorists themselves. Yes, the rebels are made up of members of Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. If you remove Assad from power who takes control? More than likely the terrorists who won’t hesitate to strike at Israel the first chance they get. The same with Assad who is backed by Iran. They too have said that if Syria is attacked it’ll be Israel that pays the price.

Rosen was the only one in the room to point out how this will affect Israel which is now celebrating Rush Hashanah and next week will be honoring Yom Kippur. Yes, Obama’s threat to strike and push for Congress to act is interesting timing isn’t it? Nonetheless, the town hall McCain had was indeed lively and the bag of marshmallows was the perfect prop to point out how much Congress has let the people down in this country. Of course, the true comedy wasn’t just a bag of marshmallows but the fact that McCain signed it after the town hall meeting was over. And the media certainly wasted no time to focus in on the bag of marshmallows now bearing McCain’s signature. Nonetheless, people got a laugh. Who says that humor can’t be used in a protest right? The marshmallows were certainly the perfect prop to point out how a majority of people see Congress now. All I can say is this, it was a laugh worth remembering.

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