Arizona Business Owner Supports SB 1062

Nohl Rosen, owner of Panther TEK computer repair now supports the new Arizona bill SB 1062 and has asked Governor Brewer to sign it.

One Phoenix business owner who’s company is being threatened with boycott by opponents of Arizona bill SB 2016 has now encouraged Governor Jan Brewer to sign the bill into law. Nohl Rosen who owns the company which does computer repair for residential and small business customers throughout the Valley wrote to Governor Brewer to do what’s right.


“Nobody should be ashamed for standing up for the United States Constitution and the right of a business owner to operate their business the way they want to. It’s unfortunate a law had to be drafted in order to protect what’s already in the Constitution. You’d think that sacred document would be enough for people in this country. I’ve read the bill and have no problem with it,” Rosen said.


Because of Rosen’s stand on the issue and his speaking out opponents of SB 1062 have tried to bully his company into siding with them. He has however received a few words of support from well wishers who said they support his stand.


“It’s not easy to take stand over issues like this but I do what’s right for my business. I won’t allow myself or my company to be bullied by the opposition and I believe in sticking up for what I think is right. So, I wrote to Governor Brewer asking her to sign SB 1062 into. It’s not a perfect bill, but I have to wonder if the opposition even read it? If they haven’t, maybe they should,” Rosen added.


For more information about Panther TEK call 480-980-8541480-980-8541 or check out the company’s web site at

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