Microsoft Computer Support Scam Continues To Fool Consumers

The scam has been out there for a few years now but some consumers continue to receive calls from individuals claiming to be from Microsoft and saying that they need remote access their computer to fix an error or remove a virus. The caller sounds convincing but in the end it’s an attempt to get your personal data. The scam works two ways, first they get access to your computer by instructing the user to load a particular piece of software to give them remote access or control to the computer. Then the scammers load scareware or other software which claims you have viruses, malware and spyware and that it can be removed if you pay for it. In other words, they purposely infect the computer in order to get the user to give up their credit card info even after the scam artists have made off with the data from the computer.

Nohl Rosen who owns Panther TEK, a computer repair company in Phoenix says that he has received calls from nervous customers in the past who have been contacted by the scammers but that not too many have fallen victim to the scam due to increased awareness and education.

“We’ve been pretty good about getting our current customers to be pro-active when it comes to the care of their computers and make them aware of the scams out there so they don’t become victims. The calls we receive regarding this scam these days are now coming from new customers who fear they may have fallen victim to it and want us to check out their system. It’s often an expensive lesson to learn because once the customers data is stolen there isn’t much you can do except to make sure they’re computer is protected to prevent future issues,” Rosen said.

One of things to prevent falling victim from the scan is to have your computer checked out by a computer professional like Rosen to make sure the computer has no problems and is running smoothly. This way when you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft or some other computer outfit you have piece of mind knowing that your computer is just fine and the scammers can go find another target. Also, make sure your computer’s virus, malware and spyware protection is up to date and that you regularly scan for them. Also, another answer to the problem is to simply hang up when they call claiming to be from Microsoft.

Of course, the scammers are becoming a little more brazen by not only saying they’re from Microsoft but some are saying they represent a computer repair company. Rosen says no computer repair person or company will ever be aware that you have a problem unless you call them first. Some of those who have fallen victim to computer scams have not only had their computers infected with malware, spyware and viruses, but have also had their data deleted or wiped out. Rosen says that there is a chance to recover the data but it can be costly. Regardless, always make sure your data is backed up as well because it makes the process of recovering the data a lot easier if a scammer grabs it an runs. Also, filing a report with law enforcement is also not a bad idea so at least there’s a paper trail. Hopefully though, you won’t be their next victim.

If you want to know more about Panther TEK or need computer help, give them a call at 480-980-8541.

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