Radio Host’s Answer To Muslims Upset By American Patriotism: Fly An Israeli Flag Next To Old Glory

One radio host is proposing that the citizens of the USA fly both the American and Israeli flags together in order to combat the appeasement of Muslims in our country.

After reading the story about a resident in Texas who was told by his apartment complex to remove an American flag he displayed on his balcony because it would upset Muslims, one radio host suggests we fly the Israeli flag along side Old Glory in an ultimate sign of defiance as well as solidarity.

“If the Arabs and Muslims are going to be offended by the fact someone is showing their patriotism for this country by flying the flag, then why not really give them something to be upset about? If there is one group of people they hate more than anything else, it’s the Jews. And if their is one country they despise more than any other, it’s Israel. What I find offensive is the fact that people are worried about offending the Muslims in this country instead of standing up for the Constitution and the flag,” said Nohl Rosen of Cat Galaxy.

And some on Twitter like the idea of flying the American and Israeli flags side by side. One user posted after hearing Rosen’s idea stated:

“Great idea. Going on Amazon as soon as I sign off.”

Who knows if there will be a boost of Israeli flags being sold on Amazon but the idea is also being liked on Facebook as well. It’s not all that far fetched when you think about it. Israel has been the only country presently that won’t take crap from the Arab world and there are many in this country that wish Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel was our country’s leader instead of Barack Obama who seems to show a lot of love for his Muslim brothers and sisters and has helped weaken the United States on many levels. In fact, there’s a push for Sharia Law in this country by the radical members of the Muslim community. The Muslims claim to be peaceful but yet when it comes to Israel, they never condemn the extremists when the Jewish state is attacked. They remain silent when rockets are fired by Hamas, Hezbollah and the other terrorists into Israel in an effort to kill the Jews hopefully finish what Hitler started during World War II.

Right now, Muslims in this country are getting support even from our own government. Obama himself has shown solidarity with them and has even had Muslim members in his administration and has also according to reports had members of the Muslim Brotherhood pay a visit to the White House. I doubt they were talking food recipes. And let’s not forget the 4 Americans killed in Benghazi. Perhaps if the people of this country decide they want to make a strong statement against the Muslims that want to take over this country, they might want to add more blue and white to their protest while showing appreciation for the red, white and blue we love as well.



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