Breaking News Journal Producer Joins Cast Of Big Brother 16

While some TV critics may favor Frankie Grande to win Big Brother 16 because of who his sister is, Jocasta Odom could end up being the people’s favorite. 

With the hit reality series Big Brother getting ready to premier another season this week, the critics are already attacking the cast members. One cast member they’ve particularly zeroed in on is Jocasta Odom simply because she’s a minister. I guess the critics missed the other things about Jocasta that makes her probably one of the more unique cast members. She isn’t just a minister but is also a life coach and a producer with Breaking News Journal.

I’ve never really watched Big Brother, but this week I might have to just to cheer on the one person the critics seem to think will be one of the first ones to go. I guess they’re finding fault in someone who believes in God and the fact that Jocasta has religious views. It seems the critics think that because she believes in God and is a minister that she’ll be some kind of Bible pusher and one of the biggest aggravating forces on the show. I guess it never occurred to them that those who know Jocasta best think she’s a good spirited person that cares about others. The critics don’t mention that she has a solid family that supports her. Her husband is a truck driver and works hard and while she spends time in the Big Brother House he’ll be helping care for the kids along with her mother. Jocasta isn’t doing BB16 for fame, she’s doing it for her family.

As a minister and life coach she councils souls but as a producer for BNJ she hopes to reach the masses by helping develop shows that are pure and uplifting. She is one of a number of women that’s a part of Project Red Slipper which is a group of women producers that hope to bring clean TV shows back to the masses like we all remember during the golden age of television where there was less violence and more morals. It makes me wonder if the critics don’t like her because she has a strong moral code. Or is the fact that she believes in God? The only thing the critics seem to focus on his the fact that she’s a minister. She does have other interests as I’ve pointed out. The mere fact that she is a life coach, a lady producer not to mention a radio host means there’s more to her than just religion.

I’ve taken a look at the other cast members and it seems pretty typical for reality shows. The critics already have picked their favorites like Frankie Grande who’s sister is Ariana Grande, a well know pop singer. Frankie also prides himself on being a big YouTube star as well and thinks changing his last name on the show will cause people not to recognize him. I keep asking why he needs to be on this show? Is he that much in need of the spotlight that he needs a reality show to boost his career? If the reality shows were meant to feature regular, everyday people then on this mark, BB16 is already failing.

Jocasta isn’t a celebrity which makes me wonder if that is also something the critics were hoping for. After all, we all know what the gossip bloggers and trash news sites like to throw out there. Jocasta is a regular person and I have to wonder if the critics are hoping to see if she tosses away the Bible and her principles to win. One thing which some fans have pointed out is the fact that she has an upbeat and positive personality, but also is tough as well. Yes, I think it’s possible she may silence the critics who think she’ll be all Bible and preachy and less friendly. My impression of her (yes, I’ve spoken with her briefly on a few occasions) is a good one. She has energy and it’s very possible she could be a fan favorite. She values God but also gives the impression that she will stand her ground and tell it exactly the way things are. Given what the game is like, her beliefs and morals will be tested. In this game, principles will be tested and being that she’s a minister they certainly will be. Of course, this is reality TV so they could try to show her off through clever editing as being a hypocrite and someone who is bossy because these reality shows like villains.

Despite some of the critics, Jocasta in some circles is now starting to gain fans. Even if she doesn’t win the game she could become a people’s champion. Yes, some fans are already saying they like her and despite being a preacher think she could end up proving that she’s tougher than she looks. She could very well be one of the most real players in this game and could go far if she lets her real personality show through. In reality shows likes these there are certainly a lot of fakes. Odom certainly isn’t one of them. All we can do is wish her good luck but I think the critics underestimate her. If you like an underdog story the Jocasta Odom may be the one you want to root for. Because everyone likes the dark horse in the race, right?

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