Kindness Is Met With Disdain On CBS’ Big Brother

Jocasta Odom and Amber Borzotra comfort Frankie after hearing the news of his grandfather’s death. But Frankie’s latest words about Jocasta were less than comforting to her family. Photo courtesy of CBS.

Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to Big Brother or even watch it, but when you have a friend in the house, you’re going to watch just to root for them. It was quite a surprise when I got the news that Jocasta Odom, a fellow producer with Breaking News Journal was going to be on the show. No doubt Jocasta is gaining fans, but apparently one of them isn’t in the house in the form of Frankie Grande. While Jocasta brought her faith in God with her into the BB house, Frankie brought the gay rights agenda and has reminded viewers he’s gay since day 1. A few days ago the brother of Ariana Grande seem to show his true colors when he suggested that Jocasta kill herself if she didn’t like the fact someone facing eviction with her. The words were stated not long after Jocasta held a memorial ceremony to honor the memories of both Frankie’s grandfather and Derrick Lavasseur’s grandfather’s as well.

I’m not much for celebrity gossip but Frankie’s words has sparked outrage amongst BB fans who felt the comment was uncalled for. I guess Frankie has forgotten that all the house guests families would be watching both the show and the live feeds. Earlier this week, Jocasta’s sister Maranda Chelsea stuck up for her sister and told TMZ.

“It was an ignorant statement and the little respect I had for him just went out the window.” It shows the lack of maturity he has.”

Before TMZ mentioned Frankie’s words it was carried on Twitter and also the Jocasta Watch which is Jocasta’s official fan page on Facebook. In fact the page is also viewed by Jocasta’s family on a daily basis so they can get regular updates on Jocasta being in that house. You can imagine their surprise when they read about Frankie’s words and also witnessed them on the live feeds. So, far Frankie has gotten a lot of air time and being the brother of pop star Ariana Grande and some kind of YouTube celebrity has gone to his head. Or, is he normally that rude?

Frankie obviously needs the attention, as he has gotten the most airtime on BB16 than any other house guest. Also, in about 9 seconds he’s become quite hated by the fans of the show who are seeing Frankie’s true personality come to the surface apparently. While others think he’s wonderful and really neat to have the fun, flamboyant gay guy on the show, many are finding him obnoxious, scheming and downright arrogant. Already he’s used his own grandfather’s death as an excuse to get further in the game to the point that an HOH (Head Of Household) win was handed to him. Then he went on the live feeds for 20 minutes to talk about how great his grandfather was and his family. It was the kind of drama that left fans wondering if it was all just an act. Derrick has yet to use his grandfather’s death in the game.

Jocasta has brought God into the house, and it’s understandable since she’s a Baptist minister. She didn’t just host the memorial service but she also comforted both Frankie and Derrick when they first got the news. In fact, when Derrick received word from BB16 production he was indeed devastated but like a cop cared not to show too much emotion. He just sat alone quietly or sat silent amongst his fellow housemates. One of the only requests he made was that Jocasta pray alone with him, which she had no problem granting. After all, she’s a minister. Jocasta has also led prayer circles on a few occasions in that house. While she’s brought God and understanding into that house, Frankie has brought ego and the obvious gay rights agenda with him.

His words suggesting that Jocasta kill herself shows that it has gone from the game to being something personal. Either that or it’s all clever acting. Regardless, to speak ill will about someone that has treated you with kindness is indeed bad form but that might be what Frankie is really all about. He’s been a drama queen, talks a lot about himself, and constantly tells the other house guests he loves them. But apparently, the nasty side of Frankie is starting to come out.

Right now he producers have yet to even speak to Grande about the insensitive words he’s spoken. You wonder if they ever will despite the public explosion from the fans. Already, he’s gotten away with quite a bit on the show so it now has them questioning on if he’ll just get handed the show. They’ve already shown his outright gay rights agenda but when it comes to showing a little bit of God on the actual show (and there have been some great moments) like the prayer circles or Jocasta counseling people, it’s cut out. Of course it does air on the live feeds which are 24/7.

It’s possible that right now what is going on the house between Frankie and Jocasta might be due to the religion clashing with gay rights? Jocasta is a woman of God and Frankie has no interest in God at all but has used his name in vain. He’s made a push for gay rights as well and that clashes with Jocasta’s religious faith but she has done what she can to treat him with kindness. It’s too bad in the end he couldn’t do the same for her.

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