Latest Big Brother Houseguest Eviction Draws Criticism: Family Member Says Show Was Rigged

Jocasta Odom, a minister from Griffin, GA looks to be the latest house guest due to be evicted on the CBS’ reality series Big Brother. However, her eviction is happening under questionable and very suspicious circumstances 

It seems that CBS and the Big Brother production team may find themselves in an unpopular position with viewers after it was revealed that house guest  Jocasta Odom is being evicted tonight under questionable circumstances. In fact, the following was posted on Twitter.

“So CBS rigged it so they can send Jocasta home. I didn’t want to believe it, but it was confirmed.” said Jocasta’s sister Maranda Chelsea on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time that the Big Brother production team has been suspected of fixing the show in the favor of certain house guests. According to information posted on Wikipedia, the show has been apparently rigged several times drawing controversy.

Here is a link to what was found.

Last night Big Brother aired the Power Of Veto competition and what was stated was that BB house guest Zach Rance looked to be facing eviction. Heck, the entire house according to what was seen and stated on the live feeds all wanted him gone. However, in a complete sudden 180 degree turn alliance members Frankie Grande, Christine Brecht, Cody Calafiore, Derek Levasseur, and Caleb Reynolds suddenly had a change of heart and not wanted him to stay. But what added to the mystery was the fact that at 3:11am this morning Derrick had gone to the Diary Room and came out looking concerned and troubled.

Two nights ago after a prayer session Derrick mentioned to Jocasta that she would be ok and told her to go and win Head Of Household so he could see a picture of her sons. Of course last night’s prayer session was a lot less vocal afterwards than the previous night leading viewers to see that something wasn’t right. In fact, it left some who viewed this sudden change of heart by the alliance rather puzzled and confused. How can a man like Derrick who claims to be religious and asks Jocasta to pray with him every night suddenly lie to her.

One has to wonder if one the reasons why Jocasta is getting the heave ho by production is because of her religious beliefs. Could we be seeing the battle between God and gay rights playing out on the show. Frankie constantly reminds people he’s gay and has no doubt shown he’s a flaming queen. He’s made about every gay sex joke and innuendo that can possibly be made. He also has mocked and attacked Jocasta behind her back for her belief in God. After all, she’s a minister and that doesn’t sit well with those in the gay rights crowd. Last night after the alliance members suddenly had a quick turnaround, Cody and Frankie joked around and pretended to act like Jocasta (poor imitation at best) and pretty much bashed her religious beliefs.

And let’s not forget after Jocasta performed a memorial service to remember Derrick and Frankie’s grandfathers’ that Frankie stated that she could go kill herself.” That comment has drawn fire and criticism from the show’s viewers who wrote to CBS to share their outrage. Meanwhile, Frankie received no penalty and the producers let it slide. Another problem with the show this season is how it has portrayed the women. For a show that takes place in 2014 it certainly has an archaic attitude towards them where men feel they’re better than the women. While Donny Thompson has treated them with respect, the other men in the BB house have picked on them. Hell, there was even Caleb who stalked Amber Borzotra and because she rejected his advances, was evicted.

While everyone in the house voted her out, it was the alliance who really wanted her gone simply because she was a good competitor and because she wanted to finally rally the rest of the women to have them form an alliance. Joey Van Pelt tried to warn the women about the all male alliance called the Bomb Squad in her first week and invited them to form one of their own. However, the other women wanted none of that except maybe Jocasta who told Joey to be a little more private on how she got that alliance formed.

It’s clear that a very liberal agenda is being played out on these reality shows, especially Big Brother. Since when is believing in God a bad thing or believing that women can be strong and effective leaders. Imagine if Jocasta had made HOH. A lot of viewers were hoping to see that but instead, the producers seem hell bent on squelching that idea and continuing to go with the boring storyline of the alliance (Bomb Squad aka the Detonators) always being in control with Derrick never being put on the chopping block or getting blood on his hands. The Jocasta haters have claimed she’s the ultimately floater but clearly it’s Derrick who’s one of the front runners. Far be it for BB production to actually have Jocasta win big to make things exciting and show that you can win without having to sell out your principles or your dignity. Donny has certainly shown that there is such a thing as true friendship and having honor but now it looks like CBS is having a problem with that too. The friendship Jocasta and Donny formed in that house will no doubt continue outside of it as well.

The disturbing part about this season’s BB is that morals, honesty, principles, and God are seen as a bad thing and in a way that’s being downright disturbing. Meanwhile, gay rights, same sex relationships, dishonesty, masturbation, degrading women, and downright backstabbing, has been the thing that this show and others like it have embraced. One thing is clear is that Jocasta doesn’t need the show but she certainly tried her best to make sure she maintained her principles and dignity when she was constantly being slammed with things she didn’t agree with. She may not have had a great physical game, but she played a good mental one. She tried to meet all the hate she faced with kindness and when she gets out of that house and off the show, she can say that she survived in an environment that most people would find invasive on their privacy. All that can be said is good job Jocasta. You fought bravely to keep your principles and honor intact in that house, so that’s something to be proud of.

Update: While Jocasta was evicted from the BB house, she will be the first member of the jury. Hayden was also evicted and will be joining her in the jury house as well.

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