Bag Of Marshmallows Autographed By Senator John McCain Now Being Auctioned Online

A bag of marshmallows signed by Arizona Senator John McCain is now being auctioned off online with half the proceeds going to Phoenix metro area no-kill cat rescues. Rosen says he hopes people will bid generously on the item.

Back in September of 2013, Senator John McCain held a town hall at the Phoenix Public Library over the issue of Syria. There was a lot of anger that day but Phoenix resident Nohl Rosen made headlines when he stood up holding a bag of marshmallows and called McCain and Congress a bunch of them as well. After the meeting McCain signed the bag of the soft sugary treats which is now being placed online for auction with half the money going to help local cat rescue organizations in the Phoenix metro area.

“I wanted to come up with a unique way to help local cat rescues in the Phoenix metro area and there is the only bag ever signed by McCain. Hopefully, some of the money can go to help out some of the no-kill cat rescue organizations here that have been struggling and are overwhelmed with cats due to kitten season,” Rosen said.

He admits he’s no fan of McCain but he wanted to do something positive with the item. Rosen’s goal is to raise the $200,000 which he’s asking now for the item, but is hoping someone will also bid way over that amount so he can help as many rescue organizations as possible. With half the money going to cat rescues it means he can help a lot of organizations get through the rough summer they’ve been having. The item can be found for auction at:

“It’s not everyday you can call Congress a bunch of marshmallows to their face and actually have one of its members sign it. McCain was a good sport about that one,” Rosen added. He also doesn’t recommend eating them since it’s now past the expiration date but still feels that someone with a sense of humor might appreciate it.

Rosen is a local business owner who lives in the Phoenix metro area and owns an IT company called Panther TEK which does computer repair and troubleshooting for residential and small business customers. The company can be reached at 480-980-8541.

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