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Welcome to the Feline Files page. This page will present some of the news that affects the feline world. So grab your favorite cat treats or drink and read away. Meow. 



No-Kill Shelter For Cats Needs Help


While the economy has been unstable, no body has felt the pressure more than animal rescue organizations. Now, Safe Haven For Animals, which is a no-kill animal rescue organization which helps find cats good and loving homes throughout the Phoenix metro area could use a little aid itself. They currently need monetary donations to keep their shelter doors open. Watch the recent 12 News story above for more about the shelter and what you can do to help.

Cat Galaxy Says: Animal Cruelty Is No Comedy 

While many cat lovers are outraged at Frito Lay and PepsiCo for airing a Doritos commercial during the 2012 Super Bowl featuring a cat killing dog (at least in the commercial anyway) and have joined a boycott against the two companies, some of those that watched the commercial found it amusing and have told the cat lovers to lighten up. In response to the opposition of the boycott (those that found the commercial funny) Cat Galaxy produced the following video to show that animal cruelty and the killing of cats isn't funny.

The video footage features a story that aired on local news stations 3 years ago which showed a Mesa, AZ man attempting to feed a 6 week old kitten to a snake. When the snake showed no interest, the man kicked the kitten until she died.

The video may be upsetting to small children so we hope parents will use some discretion in viewing it and educate them that animal cruelty or harming a cat is wrong.

Animal cruelty is a serious issue and isn't a comedy act. Many cats and other animals are killed at the hands of animal abusers. There have also been some cats that have also fallen victim to dog attacks. However, not all dogs are vicious or care to even kill cats as portrayed in the Doritos commercial. Many of them in fact share their home with cats. Thank you to everyone that has signed our petition and also spoken out on behalf of cats everywhere. Together we stand united in order to be the voice for cats everywhere. Meow!

Check out Wikipedia's list of products and brands owned by PepsiCo and Frito Lay in case you wish to know which products to avoid.

Listen to the WFMU Radio interview about the Frito Lay and PepsiCo boycott on their show the Aerial View. WFMU is a radio station located in New Jersey.  Also, click the picture above to see the interview we did with CBS 5 News in Phoenix regarding the boycott as well. It was shot at Safe Haven For Animals and all the cats seen are available for adoption. Also, check out the KTAR story about the boycott as well

Our thanks to them for helping us get the word out about the boycott.