It’s been some time since I put my paws to the keyboard to write an entry but a lot has been happening lately. Coming up next week is Cat Galaxy’s 10 year anniversary and we’ve been preparing for it. Isis and Daddy are especially happy to have reached the 10th anniversary since they started the station those many years ago.

It’s hard to believe a radio station for cats is 10 years old but I’ve been around for many of the high points as well as the low ones like when Jade passed away. Nonetheless, I’ve been celebrating early because it’s a great accomplishment for us cats to have our own radio station. The humans have to learn we cats know a thing or two about the entertainment industry.

Next week when we hit the 10 year mark we’re also doing an event called Donate 10 For Cats to help Arizona Safe Haven For Animals. We’re hoping cats and humans alike will aid the cause and donate $10 or 10 cans of cat or kitten to them. It’ll all go to help cats in need and it’s not a bad way to celebrate our anniversary. I can’t think of any way better to celebrate a milestone than to help my fellow felines.

We’re also going to be having 2 great broadcasts on April 21st as well and I’ll be helping Daddy and Isis with the playlist. We hope all of you will listen in and enjoy the shows. It’s going to be a lot of fun.